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I train at Powercore Fitness in Craigieburn. It’s so spacious, you can train without waiting for machines, even in peak time or jump in and work sets in with other members it’s like a big gym family. The owners Paula, Adam and Anthony are so friendly they always greet me as I walk in and out of the gym by name. Powercore Fitness is a one stop shop- selling gym clothes sports supplements and the staff give great nutrition and training advice too. I’d definitely recommend Powercore Fitness to all my gym buddies 🙂

I’ve worked and trained at a lot of gyms and Powercore Fitness has been one of the best by far. The owners and staff are great and friendly. Well priced considering the vast number and variety of equipment. Hands down the best equipped gym I’ve been to with all the equipment you need to see real results! 5 star rating just isn’t enough!!

I have been a member at POWERCORE FITNESS for 12 months. POWERCORE FITNESS above other gyms, in the area, is the friendliness of the staff and huge gym and cardio area and state of the art and brilliantly maintained equipment and of course the huge range of the best priced supplements. Seriously this place has it all.